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Monday, May 16, 2011

Kongkong turns 94! :)

Isn't that just plain amazing? We planned a huge birthday bash for kongkong, where 400 guest attended to celebrate this memorable day where kongkong hits 94! its unbelievable how strong and alert he is still! the dinner started from 6.30pm all the way till 11.30pm. man, do elderly know how to paaaartay! :)

  The food was awesome! and it was a great night of meeting kongkong's friends, relatives and friends. So much catching up, so little time! Uncle gave a lovely speech on kongkong, pohpoh and bites of family memories. 

Man, his speech made me miss my grandmum so much. She taught and loved me so much while she was around.

Couz gave an awesome speech on behalf of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. He speech was on how kongkong has taught us so much, and how great a grandfather he is to us. My grandfather has undoubtedly taught each and everyone of us to always give back, work hard, and to keep peace wherever we go. great values i'd say. I'm blessed. 

Its amazing how up-to-date kongster is with social issues, tech and so on! :) rock ooonz!

Kong kong was honoured by the indian society during the birthday bash. The tradition showed that the highest honour and respect was being given to my kongkong :) so sweet! and what a honour and memory! 

Kongster then gave his speech, thanking everyone, advising others (since ppl keep asking how he's so healthy at his age) and so forth. man, did he crack up the crowd! :) us grandchildren said.. we could make kongster's quotes into bumper stickers n T-shirts. yes, it was THAT hillarious.

There were many performances and speeches throughout the night. Truckloads of laughter! Kongster's cake was so huge it was pretty ridiculous! :) thank you to secret recipe for the massive cake! :D yumz.

All in all, it was one fabulous night. We were super exhausted. but every memory made was worth the time and effort :) and, I thank God for my awesome kongkong :) <3

12:21 AM

Friday, May 13, 2011

Its a beautiful thing to see friends have new fantastic adventures and experiences. :)

But its sad to see some friends who you thought would be close to you always, and be there no matter what, just forget you as their lives move on.

I guess what people say is true. Friends are temporary. They will always move on with their lives, and they are likely to forget you.

But there is always family, and few who are true friends, and those people, no matter where they are, or what their doing, they always make time and effort for you. <3

10:37 PM

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello world!

So personally my crazy semester is almost done! :D HAALLLEELUJAH. its definately been one non-stop hectic sem, but i must say.. I did enjoy myself and learned a whole lot of stuff! I've got no time to blog right now, but here are some shots from the community project my friends and I have did this sem :)

We were assigned to intervene at the PPR flats, where very low-income families stay. Its was pretty shocking i'd say seeing their living conditions. Pretty unsanitary :( 

We chose to target the children (2-5yrs) to intervene on their nutrition and improve it.Did some data collection on the kids, and found out there were some malnourished.  and many were picky eaters.

So we planned out a whole intervention programme, targetting various aspects.
  • education on nutrition
  • cooking healthy/overcome picky eater issues
  • hygeine
  • exercise
We educated the families on these aspects! whee!

I was allocated picky eaters issues. man, was it hillarious. My BM had merosot-ed since i left high school. So i had major probs trying to write out my poster the day before intervention day! but speaking to the crowd wasn't that bad :) THANK GOD. haha. [ i apologized to the crowd for my possibly bad bm before i started speaking. HAHA]  and the aunties were absolutely sweet helping me when i forgot how to say certain words! Gotta love em.

some goodies we bought for them :)

It was tons of fun. For me, it was great to see the joy on their faces and how much fun they were having from what we were doing for them :)

4:15 PM

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been able to update. God know's if any of u even read this blog anymore. haha

This sem for me is INSANE. I swear! classes 8am-6pm everyday. Jammed pack with tests, projects and assignments due! If you walk into IMU, you'll see ND109 looking like crazy panda people who never stop working or sleep. So busy, we forget lunch at times. haha! ;)

Anywaaays! Here's a few shots of what has happened over ze past few months! :) let's call it.. a little summary? ;)

parties, celebrations, reunions :)

uni life :D crazy but loving it.

church dedication service! :) performed a dance!

that's all for now folks! Cheers.

3:01 AM

Monday, January 3, 2011

Aaah, Lum family dinners! :) What's not to love?


Lovely time spent catching up, stuffing ourselves silly, bonding and playing with the nephews and nieces! 

Gosh, do they grow up fast! 

Next generation of Lums, ready to rock and roll!!

5:48 PM

Monday, December 27, 2010

Helloooo lovelies! :D Firstly..


I hope ya'll had an awesome one filled with great joy, love, laughter and memories. I know I did! :)

I've been traveling quiet a bit this past month. so i shall blog about those "adventures" later on. For now.. CHRISTMAS! :D:D:D

I swear, its one of my utter most fav seasons. Carols in the malls, pretty deco, all the love going around.. What's not to love about the season? :) hehee.

So this Christmas, church asked me and my lovely partner, Beatrice, to choreograph for our church musical. When they first asked me, I swear.. I almost shat in my pants. HAHA Debated it out.. hmmm, a new challenge to take on so.. why not? :)

and.. I'm glad I did! :D I got to know others better, closer to a few. Pushed my boundaries. Served God, blessed others, and it also made me feel very much at home. Loved it!

I'de like to say, I'm very proud of each and every dancer. You guys were such troopers through everything! and ya'll were fantastic!

On finale night, I swear after the opening dance, I screamed like a crazy proud mama in the audience (oh i pray the video recording didn't capture that). HAHA Cast and crew, job well done! :)

Christmas day was spent with familia :) while night was spent at Aaron's place! Lovely day of bonding and chilling out. haha ;)

Midst all the celebration, everything reminded me how much I've been blessed this year. Truly thankful. Loves! :) Hope ya'll had a great one too! Cheers!

10:29 PM

Friday, November 26, 2010

Greeetings! haha Sorry peeps. Been away as I had to focus on my studies this sem. I'm not dead, don't worry :) but I highly doubt many of you read this blog anymore. LOL

Anyways, will give a "summarized" version on what had happened over the months. ;)

..well more like few events sorta thing? :P

JULY 2010 orientation! :) 

Was on committee & emceed the event alongside jaws! TONS. OF. FUN! :D So many things happening in 5 days. hectic, insane, but loved every bit of it!

Variety night(greecian themed), bullied juniors, met new friends (who have been such blessings!), performed a dance, finale night (masquerade)..etc!

Half the commitee and our "crew" performance!
was blessed to have a great crew to dance with :) 
love them!

 Indian brother & I ; 
in the simple, greecian-inspired dress i designed. ;) 
much loves!

Much thanks to all who helped out,
..and Bei Ning and Leech for doing my hair and make up :)

We had 6 subjects this sem. Few of them were super fun, while others were a toughy!
We had food prep and anthropometry this sem, which was uber fun :)
we cooked everything ;)
from steaks to chicken rice, to our killer tomato soup!

Awesome cooking buddies i had :D
We all had our "specialty skills" HAHA!

We had microbiology too which i didn't really see the point in taking, but hey, i did better than i expected for the final paper, so THANK GOD! :D

Lab work wouldn't be the same without these girlies ;)
yes, she was THAT "free". hahaa


Since the boys were captains/involved in the futsal event.. and the girls were going to support, we decided to make them dinner. Pork balls, with pork burgers. YUM :D

Very proud of the boys!..and the taurus male & female teams :)

Bonding time with the besties.

Love them to bits :) 
..Now, if only the rest of the besties would get their butts back from aus. HAHA

Youth service! :) its been pretty fun i'de say. 

Blessed to have met great friends there!
They've been such great blessings :) you know who ya'll are ;) loves.


Few friends left this past few months. 
Chrislyn to UK, Luther to Canada! 

Miss and love them loads.

I turned the big 20! 

Omg. I ain't no teen no more! :( oh wells, helllooo adulthood. well, the early part. HAHA

Firstly, THANK YOU everyone for all the lovely presents/cakes/smses/calls and all. Really appreciate each and every one of them :)

Initially.. I thought of having the usual party bash sorta thing to rush in my lovely "adulthood". But after much thought and certain circumstances, decided to just have a small chill out session. :) which is what I really wanted actually. Just good time with good friends :)

Joe suprised me with dinner in putrajaya! He brought his whole kitchen in his car, I swear. HAHA He cooked the whole dinner from scratch, which to me.. was really sweet of him :)) Thank you again fuzzy bear.

As for the besties, we kept it simple. Small dinner, fellowship followed by baskin robbins! Yes, we love our ice-cream :D haha loves.

Unimates! We headed to desapark city! :) Chill, celebrate, fool around, eat.. Aaah, joy! Mummy and I made our traditional family chicken with bacon roast and tuna pasta! Pizza, cake and doughtnuts were bought! :) Fun bonding time.

Don't know what i'de do without these lovely babes.
They make uni life so much more memorable and fun!

They were so uber sweet, they serenaded me with 2 songs! Melted my heart. haha!
God sent blessings. love them to bits!

That's all folks! Till next time, cheers! :)

5:15 PM